rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Donald Trump was born in a tub of butter, and now a woman says that she sees Trump's face in a tub of butter. Of course the means by which images of Jesus or the Virgin Mary or other, often less salubrious, personages appear in random items such as slices of toast or oil spills is fractal geometry, which has the playful propensity to imitate all and sundry. But this uncalled-for manifestation of The Donald provides a pretty strong indication that fractal geometry also has a propensity to evil.

I once saw (though I must admit I was somewhat baked at the time) what I'm pretty sure was an image of the devil's penis on a bran muffin, so I was already aware of this fact, but now fractal geometry has simply gone too far. It's bad enough that Trump is all over television and Internets and various paper media. To have his visage appearing on our foodstuffs, however abstracted its form, is utterly cruel. Enough is enough, fractals! Get back to replicating the face of Jesus in rye bread and grapefruit rinds, as God intended!
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