rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Daily Bread

The house is probably not going to get very cool tonight, as the outside temperature will be in the mid-60s. That usually means the house doesn't get below 70, so even though tomorrow will be cooler than today was I'll probably have to have the air conditioner running tomorrow afternoon. Each time I turn it on I keep hoping that it will be for the last time this summer, but so far it hasn't been. But if the forecast is accurate, next week should be much better than this week. In fact next Saturday is supposed to be a mere 80 degrees, with a nocturnal low of 58, which would be the best day and night in ages. That's almost pie-baking weather, and I've got a frozen pie just waiting to be baked. If I bake it that evening it should be ready for a midnight snack.

I'm still sneezing a lot, but I don't know what's causing it. It might be something the local plants are putting into the air, It might also be something from the fires still burning in the coast range (actually not the old fires which have been put out, but a number of new fires that got started earlier this month.) I only smell their smoke once in a while, but there's definitely something in the air. The biggest one is now almost contained and ought to be out within a few days, so the season of smelling smoke might be almost over.

But I've got a loaf of bread, so there will be a peanut butter sandwich for lunch tomorrow. It will be an expensive sandwich, since the nephew who fetched the bread had to borrow some cash for other things, but at least there will be a sandwich. I'm not sure what I'm going to eat tonight, but I ought to get around to it soon because I can feel my blood sugar crashing. And I ought to go out to the mailbox now, before I forget. I May Already Be a Winner, and I wouldn't want to miss that news. Plus it's wheelie bin night. It will be goodbye to this week's trash tomorrow morning. Such sweet sorrow.

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