rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I've got about half a moon tonight. Well, I guess everybody's got half a moon tonight, so there's noting special going on here. It would be nice if something special was going on, but there isn't. Saturdays are pretty dull days here. The other days are dull, too, but Saturday used to be special to me so I notice its unspecialness more. Friday nights and Saturdays. It would have been a nice day to go to the beach, if there was a beach. I don't count the lake beaches because they are pretty dull themselves, especially now that the lakes have shriveled in the drought. I never go to them.

Friday and Saturday nights used to be good nights to go to movies. There is a movie theater here but I've never been to it. Aside from the trouble of getting to it, it seldom shows movies I'd be interested in, especially at the prices they charge to get in. And if I wanted to see the twenty minutes of commercials that movie theaters show these days I could just turn on a shopping channel on my television and watch them for free (well, not free since I pay for cable, but the shopping channels come as part of the package with the channels I do watch, so I wouldn't count a cost other than the waste of my time.)

There isn't much else to do around here, either, unless I wanted to go down to the Kmart or Walgreens and look at stuff I don't want to buy, and I think they are both closed by now anyway. Just about everything is closed by nine o'clock. I guess now that I think of it the half moon is pretty special, compared to the rest of this place. Maybe I'll go out and watch it for a while. Nobody has gotten around to projecting commercials on it yet, as far as I know.

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