rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Cooling Due

The windows are open and I can hear the small crickets screeching in my front yard. I just turned the air conditioner off, after about two and a half hours, and was hoping to have a few minutes of silence before turning the fan on, but crickets. So, silence being out of the question, I've turned the fan on. Later I'll have the television going, and if I can focus enough attention on it I won't hear the crickets so much. I don't remember ever hearing the small crickets when I lived in Los Angeles, but we had a lot of the big ones whose chirps I enjoy. Maybe there were small ones too, but if so they were few and far between. It's the other way around here.

This afternoon I almost had a nap, but first my foot and then my head kept itching and waking me up every time I nodded off, so I finally gave up trying to sleep. I wish I could train Portia to scratch me without drawing blood. Of course, she'd have no way of knowing where I itched, so probably not a workable idea even if cats could be trained. I wonder if it's too late to trade her for a dog?

The happy thought just occurred to me that the upcoming full moon on August 29 will be the last full moon of summer. By the time it's full again on September 28 autumn will be here. There will also be a total lunar eclipse that night, one of two this year (the first having been on April 4.) There won't be any total lunar eclipses at all in 2016 or 2017, so this is one I don't want to miss, and I hope the weather cooperates. The next one visible from here won't be until January 31, 2018, which is apt to be a shivery night not conducive to long watching. There'll be another on July 27 that year, but it won't be visible from California.

Looks like tonight will be another microwaved burrito night. I just haven't gotten around to cooking anything, and given the fact that I didn't get a nap I don't feel like cooking now. Tomorrow is supposed to be much cooler than today, so maybe tomorrow night I'll fix something in the real oven.

Oh, I totally forgot to check the supermarket web sites today for this week's sales. Maybe I'll do that before I hit the microwave. I hope there's cheap kitty litter. I'm down to Portia's last container of the stuff.

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