rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

A Good Laugh

My email inbox doesn't get a whole lot of spam (other than all those college offers to Zach, the imaginary teenager who apparently lives in my computer) but this evening I got a spam that wants me to buy a Mercedes Benz. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Not only do I not have a driver's license, but a Mercedes would probably cost me more than all the equity I have in my house. Boy, have they got the wrong end of the crappy stick that is my financial life!

At least the stupid wretched excess-peddling spam took my mind of the wretched excess heat for a couple of minutes. Today was supposed to have been considerably cooler than yesterday, but it hit 105, which was only two degrees less than yesterday's high. I hope the prediction of a cooler day tomorrow doesn't also turn out to be wrong. And I'm really looking forward to a week from next Thursday, when it's supposed to get down into the 80s by day and the high 50s by night. It's about damned time, and I'll be quite miffed if it turns out to still be hot then.

The air conditioner is still going, and I probably won't be able to turn it off before midnight. I have some frozen sweet potato fries that I was hoping to heat up in the regular oven (the microwave does a pretty bad job of heating them, ruining the texture) but I'll probably be asleep before the house gets cool enough to use the oven, even for the twelve minutes or so the fries would take. I'll have to come up with an alternate plan for my belated dinner. If I could afford a Mercedes I could just go down to the shopping center and pick up a fresh pizza. Gee, it would be nice to have the life my spammer thinks I have. I wonder if I could move into my computer with Zach? Nah, probably not. The pizza would get all over my hard drive.

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