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The air conditioner is on again. It's still 85 degrees outside, but that's not too bad considering the fact that the high today was 107. Yes, one hundred and seven degrees! A 22 degree drop in just a few hours is encouraging. It could get down into the mid-60s tonight, and though highs will remain in the 90s for the next several days the nights should get even cooler than tonight will, so there's a good chance that, after tonight and tomorrow, I'll be able to use the air conditioner only a couple of hours a day, and when the highs get down to the low 90s and the nights to the low 60s I might not have to use it at all because I'll be able to cool the house to about 66 overnight, which should keep it a degree or two below 80 by day, and I'll be able to open the windows and turn on the fan about dusk. It won't be the most comfortable week, but at least it won't be very expensive.

One advantage of having the windows closed and the air conditioner running is that I don't have to hear the small crickets with the sustained, rapid, high-pitched chirps that I find so annoying. They've been screeching since early last week, and they grow more numerous each night. I must apologize to the cicadas, by the way. For years I thought they were the bugs responsible for the late summer screech, but it turns out that it was the small, brown crickets. I rarely actually see the small crickets— they are pretty much the same color as my dead lawns, so remain well concealed even when I turn a flashlight on— but there are apparently a lot of them. They are supposed to make good bait for fish, which almost makes me want to take up fishing. Anything to get rid of the little buggers.

I haven't had any dinner yet tonight, but had some tasty cantaloupe as a late afternoon snack. Hot weather makes even minimal cooking more of a chore, so I'm glad that Safeway had cantaloupe cheap this week. They allow me to put off dinner until very late, and tonight I'll probably just microwave a burrito or two. I've got a free half hour where The Daily Show used to be. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the reruns. They make me sad.

Speaking of television and sadness, this afternoon I stumbled upon a showing of John Huston's last movie, The Dead, based on the James Joyce story. I had somehow missed seeing this 1987 movie all these years. It was an excellent valedictory for Huston to have made, and the fact that it is snowing in the movie was a nice bonus on this sweltery day. Watching it made me miss my afternoon nap, but it was worth it. After all, I can sleep when I'm dead.

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