rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Humph Day

It was another sleep catch-up day. I must have napped for a total of about five hours, though it wasn't all in one chunk. I fell asleep watching television and kept waking up to fragments of Fred Astaire movies. It turns out that TCM is running a whole string of them. I'll probably end up falling asleep in front of another one later. Between the napping and the dancing I haven't gotten much done today. I didn't even check the supermarket web sites to make out this week's shopping list. Most likely I'd have been too groggy to do a good job of it anyway, so it should probably be left until tomorrow.

Tonight I don't hear the nearby cricket chirping. Either it is dead (devoured by a cat perhaps) or it has found a mate and is chirping so softly that I can't hear it. You have to get very close to a mated cricket to hear it, and it was living back in the part of the yard where I haven't yet raked up the leaves that have already dried and fallen from the heat. It would be bound to hear me coming and would fall silent, and I might end up stepping on it myself. I'll just have to hope it's still there and hasn't been eaten.

The moderately hot days and fairly cool nights are continuing, and the next week or so should be tolerable enough, as long as the weather behaves itself.

I just had the thought that I would shut down the computer and get ready to watch the very last episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in about twenty minutes, but it's actually 24 hours and twenty minutes. My brain lost track of a day again. I hope I don't lose track of tomorrow tomorrow.

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