rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Tonight, I suspect, I'll only be needing about another half hour or so of air conditioning, and as I didn't turn it on until seven o'clock this evening that's not too bad. I might not go completely broke from the electric bill this month after all. It's gotten very nice outside this evening, and I intend to head out there and listen to the crickets for a while in just a few minutes. It will be more enjoyable than struggling with a computer that doesn't want to cooperate. I swear, Butch has finally been possessed by the spirit of Sluggo, even though Sluggo hasn't been booted up for several years.

Actually I think I'm going to go open the windows right now, as the house is terribly stuffy even with the air conditioner on. Then I can go out until the fan cools the place off a bit more. I don't think there's anything worth watching on television, anyway, and Butch/Sluggo certainly doesn't want me looking at Internets.

Edit: I totally missed National Watermelon Day today. Closest thing I've got to a watermelon is a cucumber, and that's not very close. I guess I'll eat it anyway.

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