rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Late Saturday

This is actually Saturday's post. My computer has been so sluggish (the spirit of Sluggo!) that I missed the window of opportunity and midnight passed. It was partly cloudy today, and the humidity must be up because some of my wooden doors are sticking. They only do that in humid weather. While I was sitting on the back porch after sunset I thought I saw a couple of brief flashes of light, which might have been lightning, but I heard no thunder. It might have been heat lighting from flashes in the mountains, too distant for the sound of thunder to carry.

There have been thunderstorms in the coast range over the last couple of days, and they started a lot of fires, but most of the fires haven't gotten very big and several have already been controlled. The fire 40 miles southeast of here is now about 80% contained, and hasn't spread much. We still aren't smelling the smoke from it, or from any other fires. I guess we were lucky to have only one smoky day from it. If there are storms in the mountains tonight there could be more fires, and we'd be more likely to get smoke from them than from the fires across the valley.

Tonight one cricket nearby is chirping so loudly that I can barely hear the more distant crickets. The chirp is so relaxing that it would probably be putting me to sleep if I hadn't had a three hour nap late this afternoon. That's the other reason I didn't get this entry posted on Saturday. I got a very late start on my very slow computer. I still haven't had dinner, either, thanks to a very late lunch. I should probably go fix something now, lest I end up having to eat Sunday breakfast early instead of Saturday dinner late.

Windows open, air conditioner off, cool breeze coming in. Delightful.

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