rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The grid might be getting overloaded in California. My lights keep flickering. So far the power hasn't gone out, but as it's almost as hot now as it was before the sun went down, and most people are home from work and have turned on their air conditioners and televisions and microwaves and all, well, it's a wonder the whole state hasn't gone dark.

We must be sucking up loads of hydropower from the northwest, as there isn't much water left in our dams. If the pacific intertie goes down, which it has on a couple of occasions during extreme heat waves in the past, the whole state quite possibly will go dark. Although it's supposed to cool off just a bit tomorrow it will still top 100, and I'd hate to be without the air conditioner.

I'm not sure how the feral cats got through today, but they are all still alive this evening, though not very energetic. If I'd spent the whole day outdoors today I'd surely be dead by now, or at least comatose.

Anyway, I'm going to shut the computer down now and stop using energy for anything but the air conditioner and a reading light. Oh, and the refrigerator, which I don't dare disconnect. I won't be going outdoors for at lest a couple of hours, as it is still in the nineties out there. When it gets below eighty I'll go out and cool off.


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