rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


We are getting a couple more cool nights and moderately hot days, and then by Monday it will start getting very hot again. At least a week of utter hellishness is then expected to follow— days over 100, nights in the mid-seventies. The air conditioner will have to come back on, and probably will have to be left on for a week or more. It is going to be a very unpleasant week, and very expensive. Do not want.

My ovenless summer diet is beginning to have consequences. Too many pan-heated and microwaved meals, and too many cold sandwiches, have left me with semi-permanent indigestion. Downing lots of liquid to stay hydrated surely isn't helping. I might have eaten better meals the last couple of days but lacked the energy to fix them. I still haven't eaten anything tonight because I had lunch pretty late. I should probably go rustle something up, but can't seem to focus. It might help if I go outside and sit in the cool breeze for a while, and watch the gibbous moon.

I'm so over summer, and there's still almost two months of it on the way.

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