rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


We're having another delightfully cool evening, following a fairly sultry day, but I haven't been able to open the windows and turn on the fan yet because the next door neighbor has taken it into her head to mow her utterly desiccated back lawn (which is mostly weeds even when green) with her weed-whacker, and she has been stirring up dust for the last forty five minutes. When she stops and the dust settles I'll be able to get on with my evening, but for now even with the windows closed I'm smelling the atomized dirt. The machine is pretty noisy, too.

Still, even with the windows closed the house is only moderately hot. It only got up to seventy five in here today, so once again I didn't have to use the air conditioner. Seventy five is not exactly comfortable, but it's way better than eighty, and I can easily live with it as long as I know it's going to get a lot cooler soon. Last night it got so chilly that it woke me up before dawn, and I almost got up to close the windows, but being chilly was such a pleasant change that I just went back to sleep after draping a handy bit of fleecy fabric over myself. Well, okay, it was the bit of fabric that Portia uses as a napping spot, but she wasn't on it and I didn't feel like getting up to fetch a blanket so I just grabbed it and unfolded it. Sure, there was cat hair on it, but there was already cat hair on me, so no big deal.

Ah, the noise has stopped. I can open things up in a few minutes and then get some dinner. But first I'd better water the feral cats. I'm anxious to get outdoors anyway.

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