rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It was not necessary to turn on the air conditioner this evening after all. It has cooled of quite nicely outside, even before the sun went down, and the fan alone should get the house comfortable within a couple of hours. With all the windows open I can even hear the crickets, though not when I'm sitting at the noisy computer, nor when I have the television on. I can hear them better outside, though, so that's where I'm going for a couple of hours, until the house gets cooler. It should be comfortable enough by eleven o'clock.

Rain never came today, and as most of the clouds have vanished now it probably won't, so I watered the rose bushes and a few other plants that are drought sensitive. The ground releases a very strong earthy scent when it gets wet after a long time being dry. I like it. Maybe it's lingering now. I'm going out to sniff.

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