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Broil [Jul. 21st, 2015|10:32 pm]
The sun is gone and even the crescent moon is settling among the pines on its way to the horizon, but the day's heat is lingering. Although the forecast predicts a low of 64 degrees tonight, I doubt we'll get down to that. Clouds have been moving in and will hold more of the heat in, and tomorrow there is a 20% chance of rain. I don't like when hurricanes stick their tails into the area. It's muggy and unpleasant, and the air conditioner will probably be running all night and all day tomorrow.

Monday I got the new utility bill and found that I'd spent even more than I'd expected on electricity to keep the house only slightly cool over the last month. Not long before that I also got the letter telling me what this year's fire insurance will cost, and it's gone up another $200 plus. That will be the drought's doing. The drier the region gets, the more likely it is to burn. At this rate I could end up homeless even if the house doesn't get consumed in a forest fire.

But the crickets don't sound worried. They are chirping away happily, filling the sultry night with their song. Crickets don't get bills, and they don't get news. They do get eaten, though, so it would probably be tempting fate to envy them. I'm too big to be eaten by the things that eat crickets, but the mountain lions and bears are probably running low on water and might come into town to find some, and then decide to settle for some fresh meat— namely me. So I'm just going to listen to the crickets instead of wishing I could be one. I'll save that wish for when the lion sinks its fangs into my neck.

The decaffeinated tea must be working. I got a two-hour nap this afternoon. It probably saved me a dollar or two, as I didn't get the air conditioner turned on until after I woke up, which was after six o'clock. Then I did some laundry, which included washing the window sheers from the kitchen. Then I discovered that I have no idea how to tie the tie-back things they need. They now hang all wrong and look sloppy as hell, but at least they are clean. My sister might know how to tie the tie back things. I'll ask her next time she's over. Portia will probably have untied my sloppy tie job by then.

There might be a couple of days of relief from the heat coming up later this week, but after that it's supposed to get even hotter than it was today. Not looking forward to that.

[User Picture]From: daisydumont
2015-07-22 06:06 pm (UTC)
Fire insurance! Hadn't thought of that, but it would be crucial near you. Hope you don't have any big fires nearby, despite the dryness.

I'm sort of dreading the leap in my utility bill because of my new portable a/c unit. Can't be cheap. But then, I can't afford to keel over from heat stroke either!

Tying bows on curtains is one of the lifeskills I lack. Once I offended my mother-in-law, who was fussing with her daughter's curtain bows, by muttering, "It doesn't matter." She snapped, "It does!" Oops. I kept my yap shut about things like that ever after. :D
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[User Picture]From: flying_blind
2015-07-23 12:59 am (UTC)
I actually looked carefully at the way the curtains were tied before I took them down, but when trying to put them back up I just couldn't remember how it had been arranged.

I would have been the world's worst sailor. Knots confuse me. It wasn't until after I got Internet that I found that I'd been tying my shoes with the wrong kind of knot all my life. God knows how many times they came untied and I had to re-tie them, but it probably added up to at least a couple of weeks out of my life.
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[User Picture]From: daisydumont
2015-07-23 01:11 am (UTC)
You're way ahead of my #2 son -- he didn't learn to tie his shoes (because he didn't want to) until he was in college! Last pair of shoes we got him had Velcro. I gave up. :D
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