rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Wired or Unwired

Maybe it's all the iced tea I've been drinking, but last night I couldn't get to sleep until almost dawn. When Portia woke me up it was about nine o'clock in the morning and the heat was already flooding in through the open windows and the fan I had not turned off before falling asleep. I fed Portia and the other cats, turned off the fan and closed the windows, and surprised myself by going back to sleep. I'm usually wide awake by the time I've gone through all those morning tasks, but I was so tired today that I ended up nodding off before I knew it.

When I woke up again this afternoon it was going on three o'clock, so I actually slept pretty close to nine hours altogether. What that will do to tonight's sleep schedule I don't know, but I hope to be awake before the house gets hot tomorrow. I'll want to shower while I can still dry off faster than I dampen myself with sweat. I hate showering in a hot house. Tomorrow is shopping day, so I want to be as presentable as possible. I also want to be as rested as possible, so today I skipped the iced tea, and one of the things I intend to buy tomorrow is decaffeinated tea.

Skipping the tea today might be why my brain just went blank. It has grown dependent of the extra stimulation. The fact that I haven't had dinner yet probably isn't helping. Maybe I'd better go toss something into a pan before I forget how to do it.

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