rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Vanishing Photo

The picture of myself which I posted a couple of weeks ago is gone. I tried to log on at the hosting site, but they didn't recognize me. No such account. Hmmm. I've done something to piss off free photo-i. Well. I've set up an account at Picturetrail, and I think they will allow remote loading for free users, but I haven't gotten around to replacing the old link yet. It's a good thing I had only the one picture in the journal. I'd hate to have to go to the trouble of repairing more broken entries. Oh, yeah... the picturetrail account is public, so go see Rejectomorph. Some of the pictures in the album will be showing up here, (ten, so far) eventually, (if they allow the remote loading, of course.) But if you must see them now, go ahead, indulge in some instant gratification.

Busy day. Perhaps more later. Must walk before it rains.

Rain. :-)

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