rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


No entry yesterday. For some reason the computer slowed to a crawl in late afternoon and stayed slow all evening, and everything took so long that I just ran out of time. I was going to go back later, but ended up falling asleep. The good news is that I probably got enough sleep last night, for the first time in several days, so I might be slightly less befuddled than usual once I'm fully awake (which I'm not just yet.)

The storm departed night before last, without leaving any more rain, so I will still have to do some watering, and the heat is going to come back, but it will be less intense than it was before the storm, at least until the middle of next week. The nights are supposed to stay pretty cool, too, so I ought to be able to do without the air conditioner for several more days, and have the fan running only at night. I haven't had them on for two days, and it has been very restful not to have that noise in the background all the time. It's probably why I slept so well last night.

Unfortunately, the computer is still slow today. It was on all night because I fell asleep before I got around to turning it off, so I should probably shut it down and give it a rest. There's nothing in particular I have to do today, so I can probably do something restful too. I might dig out a book. The occasional sound of a page turning is so much more relaxing than the constant hum of a hard drive.

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