rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Rare Second Entry

Portia might be pissed off at me about something. She took a dump on my telephone book. It's unlikely to have been a case of urgency, because the litter box is only about ten feet from the table the book was on. That's why I have to consider the possibility that it was deliberate. Of course it's also possible that it was just a really big cling-on* that fell off after she hopped onto the table.

Portia is medium-haired, and her droppings do sometimes cling to her butt fur for quite a while. On several occasions I've found them lying about the house, and once I actually witnessed one letting go of her butt fur and dropping onto the couch shortly after she'd used the litter box. And she doesn't seem to be upset about anything right now, and is currently napping peacefully on a window sill. I guess I should wait and see if she does anything else untoward.

* An old joke: Q: How is the starship Enterprise like toilet paper? A: They've both been on missions to wipe out the Klingons around Uranus.

Still no more rain, but the night is, if not young, at least youthful. The crickets are chirping, and it isn't much cooler than it was this afternoon, so it's probably going to be a pleasant night. The moon won't be up until fairly late, or I'd be out watching its light play across the clouds. I'll probably watch television instead. Maybe I'll still be awake when the moon rises, but I had no nap this afternoon and didn't need iced tea today, so I might go to sleep too soon.

It feels like a good popcorn night. I think I'll make a batch.

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