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After sprinkling off and on for a couple of hours it has begun to drizzle. Although the clouds didn't get thick until a couple of hours after noon, they still managed to moderate the heat, so I didn't have to turn the air conditioner on all day, and I began opening the windows in late afternoon. Now I can smell the wetness as the dry ground soaks up the rain and the brown blades of grass lie back and let the clear beads gather on them. The world is about to sink into darkness, but I hear rumbling and will probably soon be seeing the landscape again by flashes of lightning. The rain is apt to be falling intermittently through tomorrow, and the night could get pretty chilly, which pleases me no end.

There has already been rain in various parts of the region over the last couple of days, and there have even been flash flood warnings issued for several areas. One area in Placer County (which is actually quite some distance south of here) had two inches of rain. We probably won't get that much, unless we're lucky enough to be right under a cloudburst at some point, but I'm still hoping for enough to eliminate the need to water the yard for a week or so. But best of all is the coolness the storm is bringing. Tomorrow it will only get into the seventies, and the next few nights could dip into the low fifties. I really needed this break from the heat.

I'm going to shut this machine down now, just in case the lightning suddenly gets fierce. So far I haven't seen any, but it can come up fast, and the rumble of thunder, though still distant, is frequent enough to worry me.

Oh, forgot to mention: this afternoon a helicopter circled the neighborhood very low for about half an hour. I smelled no smoke so I doubt they were monitoring a fire. It looked more like a manhunt, or maybe lion or bear watch, but I haven't heard anything about one, and I didn't hear any sirens so if they were looking for a guy, lion, or bear, it probably got away. I suppose I might never find out what it was about. Unless it was a lion and it eats me tonight, but then I'll only know briefly and will be dead before I can write an entry about it. You'll have to imagine the entry for me. Don't forget to mention the weather in it.

The gardenias sure smell good in the cool rain.

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