rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Not only did the day cool off nicely when evening came, but the air conditioner was off by seven and there's a good chance I'll even be able to turn the fan off before morning. Additional good news is that the crickets have finally returned to my yard, and if I get to turn the fan off early enough I'll be able to sit and listen to them without interference from the drone of machinery.

There's even chance of some rain on Thursday. I was planning on doing some watering in the front yard tomorrow night, but now I think I'll wait and see if we get rain. If we do and there's a decent amount then I'll be able to put off any additional watering for several more days. The only problem is that the approaching storm could bring lightning, and I'd rather not have that due to the power outage risk.

This afternoon I even got fifteen minutes of extra cooling, as my chiropractor had his air conditioning on. I can't remember the last time I felt that cool. Lately even the stores have been conserving energy and have been pretty warm, so the few minutes in the doctor's office was a rare luxury. Additional good news is that not only is my Medicare deductible paid up for the year, but I had a 44 dollar credit with the chiropractor, so not only did I not have to pay anything today but I'll be co-pay free for the next four visits, and get about two bucks off the visit after that, which ought to be the last of the year.

The savings will do a bit more than cover the increase in my cable bill that begins this month. Not sure what I'll do with the rest, but if I were spending it at this moment I think I'd buy pie. For some reason I've been craving pie all evening, and though I have a frozen one it's the kind that has to thaw, not get baked, so the earliest I could eat any would be tomorrow. In the meantime I guess I could make do with some Greek yogurt— assuming it hasn't defaulted yet.

Now to go listen to those crickets for a while. I might even get to shiver, as it's going to drop below 70 degrees tonight. Yay for summer getting served, even if it's only for a couple of days.

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