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Tonight I was able to shut off the air conditioner at nine o'clock. Not only was the day cooler than yesterday, but the pleasant afternoon breeze, usually missing during the heat wave, had returned. The leaves of the walnut tree are looking a bit wilted, which is probably as much the result of too little water as of too much heat, and though the oak leaves retain their stiffness they have lost their deep green are are looking a bit gray here and there. The lawns, of course, are almost entirely brown, but they still have a lingering, though now desiccated, hint of their grassy scent. It smells a bit like it might be the exhalation of spring's ghost.

Right now the air is smelling a bit like skunk. Why do the skunks seem to spray mostly on those nights when I have the windows open? For the last several nights when the house was closed up tight I didn't catch a single whiff of skunk when I went outdoors, but tonight the smell is filling the house and overpowering everything else. Tomorrow is trash day and I have to take the wheelie bins out tonight, but I'm a bit reluctant to get on with the job as I fear a skunk might be lurking out there ready to spray me. I don't feel like doing laundry or taking a shower tonight, and there's not a drop of tomato juice in the house, so it is imperative that I remain unsprayed.

It's likely that I've been overdoing the iced tea lately. I didn't get enough sleep for the last two nights, and haven't had any naps, so I ought to be tired, but I'm wired. Maybe I should look for some decaffeinated tea. I have to get a new package this Friday (or Sunday) anyway. Or maybe I just ought to switch to lemonade.

Chiropractor tomorrow. The house ought to get cool enough for me to get some decent sleep, if the tea doesn't keep me awake until dawn.

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