rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

So Uncool

The weather service excessive heat warning (the heat being excessive, not the warning) is remaining in effect until 8:00 PM Friday. It was slightly less hot here today than yesterday, but night probably won't cool off enough to let me turn off the air conditioner and open the windows. In fact that probably won't happen until late Friday night/early Saturday morning. Sleeping last night— what little I got— was absolutely miserable, but I can only be grateful that I wasn't in Redding, where the temperature today hit 111. Tomorrow will be even less hot than today has been, but still dangerously hot. I can't stand being outdoors for more than a few minutes at a time, and I'm starting to get daylight cabin fever. So want to go outside and hang out for a couple of hours, but don't dare.

There are now three days coming up when there will be some chance of a little bit of rain, but of course if it comes it will be hot rain. If I want to stand under hot water I'll take a shower, thanks. Only the longer range forecast offers any hope for a decently cool night, and long range forecasts are pretty chancy. I do hope this one works out, though, because it is predicting a low of 59 degrees a week from tomorrow night. What a luxury that would be!

There have been some clouds today, and now they appear to be getting thicker, just when we no longer need them for shade. I hope they dissipate not long after nightfall, lest they put a lid on the heat again. It feels enough like a pressure cooker around here already. I keep hoping that the unlikely happens and the rest of the summer turns mild, but Hell is doing the opposite of freezing over.

Had my chiropractor not gone out of town on vacation this week, today yesterday would have been the day I'd have gotten an adjustment. I could use one. The weird positions I get into in my sleep when it's too hot have done a number on my neck, and my other joints are stiffening up from lack of use. Sitting around not exerting myself is much harder on me than getting some daily exercise is. I'm almost as eagerly anticipating my appointment for next Tuesday as I am the end of this heat wave.

It's a really, really good thing the fruitless mulberry tree outside my window has gotten really big again after its most recent pollarding. It would be so much worse in here with hours of afternoon glare instead of the dense shade the tree provides. I must remember to give it a good drink soon. I've been doing minimal watering, but that tree must be protected, even if it means shorting some of the lesser plants. A new bush can grow pretty fast, but if that tree died it would be a decade before a replacement would provide such good shade.

It's about time for me to start thinking about fixing a sandwich for dinner. Another thing I'm looking forward to once the heat wave ends is getting a hot meal. I'm so tired of salads and sandwiches. If the heat was going to persist for much longer than it's expected to I might even get tired of beer, and that would be a real disaster. Let's hope it never comes to that!

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