rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

What Does It All Not Mean?

I suppose there's no point in me writing anything anymore, as one of the three heads of Thomas Scalito said today that "[w]ords no longer have meaning...," and the three heads of Thomas Scalito being one third of the Supreme Court the meaninglessness of words must now be Official— especially since the three heads of Thomas Scalito are surely among the great masters of the art of assembling words into meaningless phrases. Still, I've always been a bit skeptical of Official Pronouncements, so I'm going to go ahead and write, even though there's no longer any point in doing so.

Indeed, as I lack a functioning camera I'm unable to think of any means other than words to describe the gray and silvery clouds the waxing moon is playing upon tonight. The sight is quite lovely, even though I really dislike the way those clouds hold the day's heat in and contribute to the humidity of the air. I wouldn't say that I dislike the consequences of the clouds as much as Thomas Scalito dislikes the other two thirds of the court not abolishing tax credits for health insurance in some states, or as much as he/they (and that Chief Justice guy, whoever he is) dislike the thought of two people of the same sex getting married to one another, but still I'd rather not have those clouds forming during a heat wave. I don't believe them to be unnatural, but they are certainly uncommon this time of year, and a damned inconvenience.

Summer clouds are usually big, white, fluffy clumps that hover over the mountains, not great swarms of smaller clouds that cause the evening to dim prematurely, and then induce the air to cling to heat for hours thereafter. I really wish they'd go away. I'd like Thomas Scalito to go away, too, but I know I won't be having either of those wishes fulfilled tonight. On the bright side, at least I'm no longer confined to the sole prospect of improving my fortunes by getting married to a rich widow. Now I also have the option of marrying a rich widower. It definitely broadens my opportunities. Thanks, judges not Thomas Scalito.

The air conditioner will probably have to run as much tonight as it did last night, when I wasn't able to turn it off until near dawn. As I'll have to be putting up with the consequences of those clouds all night, I'm now going outside to enjoy watching them for a while. The sight is dearly bought and I don't want to waste it. And maybe while I'm watching I'll contemplate the newly proclaimed meaninglessness of words. I'll try to contemplate using only concrete images, just in case Thomas Scalito manages to get words declared unconstitutional as well as meaningless, and I eventually have to get used to not being able to speak anymore. R.I.P., language.

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