rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Nocturnal Emission

For a while this evening it looked as though the clouds might thicken enough to produce some rain, even though no rain was predicted, but now it looks as though the prediction was right after all. I see the bright half moon among pale stars. It's a bit blurry, though, as the sky still has a slight case of the vapors.

The lower air also has a case of the vapors, but that's because a skunk has emitted a dose of its spray spray somewhere in the neighborhood. Before it did so I was enjoying the scent of the gardenias that are still blooming outside my window, but the skunk perfume has overwhelmed the gardenias. I anticipate that the more pleasant scent return in a while, once the soft breeze dissipates the skunk odor.

I'm not sure how much longer there will be gardenias, but the jasmine is almost entirely gone. At least a few blossoms usually survive into July, but this year I doubt any will. Today there were no more than three or four dozen that had not yet turned brown, and I saw no new ones getting ready to bloom. That would be the consequence of short rations of water I've put the plant on.

So far no plants have actually died (except perhaps a couple of the sourgrass plants— it's too soon to tell if they'll recover or not) from the lack of water, but I'm going to have to walk a pretty fine line between wasting water and creating a fire hazard zone of dead shrubbery in my yard. I really dislike drought, and I hope we get some snow next winter.

Ah, the skunk smell is fading and I'm picking up a whiff of gardenia again. I think I'll go out and see if I can hear any crickets. If they would come back it would be a very nice evening. Goodbye, skunk smell!

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