rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Summertime Rant

This year I failed to keep up with watering the sourgrass near the front door and now it's mostly brown. I know from previous experience that once it turns brown you can't bring it back until the weather turns cool again, no matter how much water you give it. It tends not to grow well in fall, and is apt to be pathetic all winter, so I probably won't be seeing it thrive again until next spring.

Still, some water must be given the brown plants or they are apt to die altogether. I lost one a couple of years ago, and its absence from the row has since reminded me of a missing tooth. I'm trying to stay focused enough to prevent any more plants from dying, but I get so forgetful about watering anymore, and when I do remember it's likely to be on one of the days when watering is not permitted due to the drought. The onset of dementia is tough on your landscape.

The days are getting hotter again, and the nights less cool. Later this week the highs are expected to top 100, and at least a couple of the nights will will have lows above 70. Air conditioner season is definitely here. There will be a big electric bill next month, and probably in August and September as well. The fact that I'll probably be getting a lot stupider while the heat lasts is even worse.

Tonight I hope to hold off the stupidity long enough to remember to put the trash can out. It's awfully tempting to just go out and fall asleep on the chaise lounge on the back porch, but I don't want to do that until the trash is dealt with. I might go out and sleep later, as it would not only be more comfortable than staying in the house, but if I'm outside I won't be watching television and would save a bit of power by leaving it off for a few hours.

The little flying insects are being especially annoying tonight. I don't know if there are mosquitoes among them or not. So far I haven't gotten any bites, but even the non-biting insects are unpleasant. They keep brushing against my face, and I keep slapping at them, but I never hit them. It might be necessary to get some insect repellent this year. It's going to be a long summer, but maybe I'll get used to it after awhile. Sometimes I do.

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