rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still Quiet

Night is full of the noise of other people's air conditioners. My fan is on but ever since the new blower motor was installed a couple of months ago it has been very quiet, so I don't mind that it runs continuously. Indoors I can hear only the air blowing through the ducts, and outside I can hear the fan itself only when the neighbor's air conditioner cycles off. Then the night turns quiet, and I can watch the stars in peace.

Once again I kept the day quiet, too, reading and napping more than watching television or using the Internets. I did manage to accomplish a few tasks, including a long-delayed removal of cobwebs from the rafters and other odd corners of the back porch. Strangely I haven't seen too many spiders around this year, but there were still quite a few webs. It's like the spiders spin webs and then suddenly die,leaving them to accumulate detritus that is never removed. It nly took a few minutes to bring them all down,though. I wish I could remove the cobwebs from my mind as quickly as I did those on the porch.

No shopping trip today. There just wasn't anything worth buying on the Friday sale. I'll go Sunday.

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