rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Late Again

This afternoon I got so sleepy that not even the discomfort I felt from the sultriness of the day could keep me awake. I ended up sleeping until it was almost nightfall again, and hours later I still have that dopey sense of displacement that waking up that time of day always gives me.

I also missed out on about an hour of cooling because I was so late in opening the windows to let in the night air. Still, it was only 78 degrees indoors when I got the windows open so there was no call to turn on the air conditioner. Plus I'll probably be awake most of the night, and it's going to get cooler and cooler. I'll make up for that lost time.

And the gardenias smell so nice tonight. I'm going to give them some water because I want them to keep blooming as long as possible. The other plants will just have to do without.

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