rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Five days until the summer solstice— the day on which the entire world bursts into flames from the terrible heat... or not. As it hasn't happened on any previous summer solstice, there is at least some chance it won't happen on this one either. There will undoubtedly be a large sum total of discomfort in the northern hemisphere on that day, though.

I proclaim June 21 to be Envy Australia Day. Right now Sydney is enjoying a pleasant late autumn, with high temperatures in the sixties, and rain. Our summer solstice is still five days away and I already envy Australia. I think I envy Perth, which is in a Mediterranean subtropical climate zone, even more than I envy Sydney, which is in the humid subtropical zone, as Perth is having a slightly warmer rain which is also somewhat lighter. It's going to be a very nice night in Perth tonight.

My night will probably be merely tolerable. I will sit outside with a bottle of Sierra Nevada Summerfest and fantasize riding along cool, rain-slicked streets full of reflected light to a beachfront cafe overlooking the Indian Ocean, where I would sip Foster's Lager while listening to the waves roll in from Africa. Here I probably won't even have any crickets to listen to. They've been silent for nearly a week. Happily, I won't have to smell any smoke, as no fires have gotten started yet this season. But the jasmine is fading fast, and soon I won't have its fragrance to lend a touch of the exotic to the dull summer nights. Oh, autumn, why do you linger in the antipodes when we need you so desperately here?

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