rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Blogesque for a Belated Monday Post

It's probably going to cool off pretty well again tonight. Right now it's 76 degrees in the house and considerably cooler outdoors. With the windows open and the fan on I think it might get as cool in here as it did this morning, when I was pleased to find the thermometer reading 67 when I woke up around half past seven. It topped out at a hair below 79 this evening, while outdoors it had gone into the low nineties. I'm not loving it, but I can live with it.

And now for something bloggy: This Salon article is a long read, but it's kind of fun to see that overpaid and overrated The New York Times pundolt David Brooks has set fire to his own pants and apparently doesn't even know it. I've never really bought the whole Epidemic of Narcissism thing that media types and some academics and various camp followers of both groups have been getting the fantods over for the last several years. I seriously doubt that the damned kids today are any more egocentric than people my age were when we were their age, regardless of what badly phrased sociobabble study questions might have revealed over the years to people seeking just those revelations. The damned kids are alright, okay? They're just damned kids— just like we were. Get off my lawn, David Brooks! You cranky whippersnapper!

Now I'm wondering if this post can really be considered bloggy if it has only one link in it. I'd add another, but really don't feel like hunting one down, and it's almost midnight anyway, so the one will have to do. Now I'm going to go outside and be cooler for a while.
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