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It got above eighty degrees inside the house today, but I still haven't turned on the air conditioner. The nights are still fairly cool, so I've opened the windows and turned on the fan, and expect that it will get back down to seventy by morning. I won't be able to rely on that technique much longer, though, as nights will soon be getting warmer, and I fear that this is going to be one of those years when I'll have to do a lot of air conditioning and pay some pretty big electric bills as a result. The summer solstice is still more than a week away, and the hottest part of the year comes after the solstice. When it gets this hot this early in the year there's not much chance that summer will turn mild.

A raccoon is currently disturbing the feral cats in my back yard. The cats turned up late (in hiding from the heat all day, no doubt) so I had to feed them late, and the raccoon is coming to see if they've left any food in their bowls. The cats are not pleased. I do hope they won't try to confront the beast, though. Raccoons can do a lot of damage to a cat.

My unintentional nap this afternoon brought a disturbing dream, but I don't remember it at all. All I know is that I woke up with that post-bad-dream feeling that something terrible had just happened. Maybe it's best that I don't remember. Explicit details might be far more distressing than the vague feeling of uneasiness that forgotten dreams leave me with.

The reason I was napping was because I was unable to get to the stores today, mostly due to the heat. I did manage to get someone who was going to Safeway to pick up for me a raincheck for the cheap one-day-sale price on kitty litter, which they had already sold out of. If I can get to the store on Sunday I'll use it then. I'm not out of anything yet because the heat has put a damper on my appetite. Fortunately my refrigerator was well-stocked with beer, which is the most important summer food group. In fact I think I'll grab a bottle right now and drink it on the back porch where I can be of the heat for a while. This room with the computer is a miserable place to be.

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