rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Summmery Judgement

The clouds that began gathering this afternoon provoked mixed feelings. They prevented the day from getting as hot as it might have, but the day was still hot and now the clouds will be preventing that heat from escaping into the atmosphere as rapidly as it might. Essentially we traded a slightly less uncomfortable late afternoon and early evening for a somewhat more uncomfortable late night and early morning.

The clouds also presage another thunderstorm. I don't know if the thunder will be as spectacular as it was during the storm we had a couple of weeks ago, or if the rain will be as intense as it was the other day, but there is supposed to be some of both. Any rain is apt to cause the dandelions to flourish, and any lightning has a chance of setting fires or shutting down the electricity, so I have mixed feelings about the storm as well. But at least, whatever it does, it won't be the usual, boring, monotonous weather we usually get during the early heat season.

Speaking of fire, I keep smelling one tonight, but I haven't heard anything about one nor can I find any reports about one on the Internets. If there is one maybe a heavy rain will put it out. That would be a bonus, and well worth another crop of dandelions even though I just got the current crop whacked down today. A fire is especially unwelcome at the moment because the gardenias are blooming, and I'd much rather be smelling gardenia perfume than trees and brush and small animals being carbonized.

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