rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Penguin Envy

Tonight I'm running on about thirty percent brain power. The heat has shut down the rest of my cells. The temperature topped 100 degrees here today. I went shopping this afternoon but I'm quite sure I did it wrong because I was nearly comatose most of the time.

Last night the house failed to cool off quickly enough, and I'm not ready to start running the air conditioner, so I just put up with the heat and the result was that I didn't get to sleep until about six o'clock this morning, and then I had to get up at eight to close the windows and turn off the fan before the day got so hot that it would start heating the house again. After that I managed only a few catnaps before I had to go to the stores.

Now I'm exhausted, but once again it is too hot to sleep. I've been sitting outside listening to thunder in the mountains. The storm might head this way. If it does, that might manage to break the heat a bit, but then the damp might make it feel even hotter. Most likely I'm screwed until this heat wave ends, and the end is nowhere in sight. I'm already hating summer, and it hasn't even officially started yet.

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