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I'm waiting to see if the clouds that have been hanging over the mountains all day are going to head this way and bring another thunderstorm as they did yesterday. Even if they do it's unlikely we'll get another cloudburst as spectacular as last evening's. Two such on consecutive days— indeed, even two such in one season— would be too much to expect. But a bit of rain and some thunder and lightning is not beyond possibility. It's been sultry all afternoon, and sultry humidity is a pretty good indicator of electrical forces gathering.

Today I checked the yard for storm damage, and as I'd feared the roses took a terrible beating. Yesterday morning I had eight blossoms in various stages of growth, and only two have survived fairly intact. The others are nothing but colorful shards scattered on the ground and a few battered petals clinging to their stems. The azaleas took a major hit too, but as they were already well past their prime and withering they are not a great loss. Quite a few leaves were battered off of the trees as well, but the all small walnuts that have recently formed appear to have come through the ordeal still attached to the tree.

The deep soaking the yard took will probably re-green the lawns, which can be good or bad, depending on whether or not it greens them enough that they require another mowing. The dry spell had convinced me that the mowing was done for the year, but now that's no longer a certainty. Enough water to turn the lawns green again could also prove sufficient to cause another crop of weeds to sprout. I'd rather not have to pull up any more of those nasty nettles, and I've had enough of foxtails for the season. The dandelions I don't mind so much. The little yellow flowers are rather pretty, and the feathery, ripe seed heads are also pleasant to look at, despite the displeasure they bring to the neighbors who would rather not have them planting themselves on their lawns.

As there were no especially desirable items on Safeway's Friday sale this week, and I wasn't running low on anything crucial, I stayed home yesterday and will go shopping tomorrow. It ought not take too long, as there isn't much in the regular weekly sales at any of the stores either. I'm disappointed that kitty litter is not among the sale items this week, as I missed the last good sale on that a few weeks ago and I'm running low despite having bought two twenty pound containers at prices above what I'd prefer to pay. They'd better have some on sale next week or Portia will find herself without a box to pee in. No way am I paying full price for that stuff.

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