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We had another thunderstorm this afternoon, but this one was shorter than yesterday's, and brought no rain. Maybe there was rain elsewhere in town, or in the mountains, but it stayed dry here. There was plenty of thunder rolling about for several minutes, but I didn't seen any lightning. The trees must have been hiding it from me. I do worry about rainless thunderstorms this time of year, as there is no water falling to knock down any fires the lightning might start, and they can grow and last for days, or weeks, or months. I don't want to have to go through another smoky summer, and I certainly don't want to have to evacuate again as we did a few years ago.

The windows were open earlier but I had to close them by noon because the day grew so hot, and though the storm brought no rain it brought plenty of humidity, and now it is both hot and muggy. It's a good thing the nights are still fairly cool. It will probably be at least three hours before I can open the windows again, though, and I'm getting impatient. Finding one warm day so annoying, I wonder how I'll manage to get through an entire summer of them, especially once the nights start getting warm, too.

For some reason my joints have gotten stiff and I've been sore and achy since I woke up today, though I've done nothing strenuous that would account for it. It could be that some plant I'm sensitive to has begun pollinate If so, I hope it doesn't do so for long. I'm moving much to slowly to get anything done, and that will probably continue until the soreness and stiffness goes away. Right now I'm getting sore just from sitting in one spot for too long. I should probably take a nap until the afternoon cools off a bit, since it looks as though I'm not going to accomplish anything anyway.

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