rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It's a good thing I turned the computer off when I did this afternoon. The storm that was rumbling over the mountains moved in this direction, and within a few minutes of shutting down there was lightning flashing and thunder booming all around. It rained for about half an hour, and though it never rained very hard there was enough to give the yard a good soaking. One more rain! (I keep getting my wishes. Maybe I should wish for lots of money. And a pony.) But even though we had no power outage, there was frequent flickering of the lights, indicating repeated surges.

So I survived, and the computer survived. I think the lightning might even have done my brain some good, as I finally remembered to fix some red chard to go with my dinner. It's been sitting in the vegetable bin since I bought it last Friday because I kept forgetting it was there. I feel pretty good about that. I'll be heading into the hot spell with a positive charge, and no need to water the yard for several days, and only half a bunch of chard rotting in the refrigerator. All in all a good day.

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