rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It's only partly cloudy here, and pleasantly mild, but the mountains are topped by dark masses of cloud and I hear thunder rolling there. It doesn't seem likely that we'll get any rain here, but it's probably already raining on the peaks several miles away. So far the storm isn't causing our lights to flicker, but there might be issues later on.

I might shut the computer down soon, just in case. It suffered a crash earlier today that might have been the result of a power surge, although I was out of the room when it happened and didn't notice if the lights flickered. It might be stormy over the lower Cascades far to the north as well as the nearby Sierras, and an important part of the electrical distribution system runs through the Cascades between California and Oregon.

Anyway, it's much too nice to be sitting in the house today, even with the windows open. I think I'll grab a gook and read on the back porch while the birds provide a musical accompaniment.

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