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I don't know if they were playing, mating, or fighting, but two squirrels just spent several minutes chasing one another up and down pine trees in the yard next door to mine. In fact they might still be at it. I got tired of watching them and came indoors, so I'll be missing the copulation (or battle) if they ever get around to it. If it was a game then it got dull pretty fast, at least for this observer. Maybe squirrels are more easily entertained than I am. If so then they are sad, sad creatures, given the sort of crap that can hold my attention. I'd probably do better to be out gathering nuts than to be watching television as much as I do.

The weather has been a bit odd today. It has been very warm, but an overcast has been slowly forming all afternoon, and now the sky is quite gray, yet it remains bright. There are shadows under the trees, but they are indistinct— just darker areas with soft edges. The overcast is expected to continue tonight, so the night will be warmer than nights have been lately, but then it will continue tomorrow as well, so tomorrow will probably be a bit cooler than today has been. By Friday we'll be back to the summer-like heat again. I've been hoping for at least one more spring rain before the torrid, dry season sets in for good, but we probably won't get one.

The unwatered lawns are starting to turn brown, and more than a few leaves have dried out and fallen from the oaks. The walnut tree is doing okay so far, and has quite a few little green walnuts on it. The crop looks like it will be smaller than last year's, even assuming that most of the new nuts survive, but it will be larger than I'd expected it to be given the odd late winter and early spring weather. I don't know if there's enough water stored in the soil to guarantee the survival of many of the nuts, or to let them grow to normal size. Last year quite a large percentage of them were smaller than normal, probably due to insufficient water. As I won't be able to do much irrigation of the tree this year it might be that this fall's walnut crop will consist mostly of undersized nuts.

For some unknown reason I've been very klutzy today. I keep running into door jambs and pieces of furniture, and I've almost tripped over Portia more than usual (stupid cat thinks my feet are kitty toys.) I'm going to assume that I'm developing a brain tumor, so I'll be pleasantly surprised when it turns out not to be. When one leads a life as dull as mine, one must seize opportunities for pleasant surprises whenever possible, no matter how ridiculous they may be.

Time to start thinking about dinner. I don't feel very hungry, so I might just settle for finishing off the rest of that watermelon I've had in the refrigerator for a week, before it goes completely bad on me. On a day when I'm being klutzy, cooking is probably not a good idea anyway. Burns would be a definite possibility. I'll just have to be be careful with the knife when I cut the melon.

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