rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There's a tiny flying insect whirling silently around my desk lamp. It keeps distracting me, which is very annoying, but it's too small to squash midair. The approach of my hands when I attempt to clap it to death just blows it aside, and it soon returns to making a nuisance of itself as I spy from the corner of my eye its distracting arabesques. But as annoying as that bug is, it is nowhere near as annoying as the mosquito bite I got earlier this evening, which is on one of my knuckles. Mosquitoes have not been plentiful this year, so I've become accustomed to being bite-free, and now Ive got an itchy knuckle and it's driving me crazy. I'm really missing the bugless cool weather.

But aside from the distractions and irritations wrought by insects, the day has had its rewards. The chiropractor adjusted my neck and I've found myself much more relaxed than I've been for the last few weeks. Something just shifted into exactly the right place and a lot of tension I've been feeling was dissipated. I hope that whatever it was stays in that place for a long time. I won't get another adjustment for five weeks this time due to the chiropractor going on a vacation. If I screw up my neck this month I'll just have to put up with it.
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