rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Saturday is Dull

Recently one of my favorite web sites added Flash-based ads to its pages. They not only played automatically, but replayed (or tried to) the entire time the pages were open, which gobbled my bandwidth and slowed my browser to a crawl. I was reluctant to add a flash block program to the browser because this computer is already terribly short of RAM, but I finally went looking and found that Opera actually has a native flash blocking feature. Last night I enabled it in my user preferences, and now things are going much faster at that web site, and all the others that have flash-based ads.

I wish I'd known about it months ago, but Opera keeps it well hidden, and uses a rather generic name for it. Now I've found another web page which says that not only Opera but Firefox and Chrome as well have native flash blocking options, so now I can fix my other browsers too.

This morning I spent several minutes plucking young nettle plants from the back back yard. I like to get rid of them for the feral cats, as once the nettles mature they will leap out and attach themselves to the fur of any cat passing nearby, and then the cats have to lick the nasty, prickly things from their fur. Most of the ferals won't let me brush or comb them, and if they get nettles they end up eating them, which must be a terrible experience for them. But when plucking I got a few of the stickers in my fingers and I'm still finding them. They are incredibly tiny and almost impossible to see, but they sure hurt when you brush them the wrong way. I think I'll pick up some gardening gloves to wear next time I go nettle-plucking.

The rising temperatures are becoming annoying. Last night the house only cooled down to 68 degrees, which is about two degrees too high for comfortable sleep. Today it warmed up to 74 indoors, so I can't expect it to get any cooler tonight than it did last night, even with the windows open. It's still about three weeks until the summer solstice, so relief is unlikely to come for months. I suppose we could get lucky and have one or two more cool days before full, raging summer sets in, but it isn't very likely. Goodbye, spring. I'll miss you.

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