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It was shopping day today, and though I spent almost a hundred bucks I came home with very little actual food. There was beer, of course, which I do count as food, but the next most expensive items were cat food (food, but not for me,) kitty litter, and flashlight batteries. My selection of edibles included some shameful purchases, such as three candy bars (buy two, get one free,) and two faux-health candy bars (you know those things made of fruits and nuts and grains and such. They are candy, but they pretend to be healthy.)

I did manage to get a loaf of bread, one telera roll, a bunch of red chard, and a big bag of shredded cheese (food, but it might as well be a package of little artery bombs.) In addition to this I bought two avocados (the only fruit made mostly of fat,) two small cups of Greek yogurt (sweet and somewhat candy-like itself,) a carton of orange juice, a jar of salsa, a half pound of European-style butter (a luxury item I probably shouldn't have splurged on, but what the hell, the stuff I eat is probably going to kill me before I run out of money anyway) and a six pack of Klondike ice cream bars.

Aside from the chard, the healthiest thing I bought might be the beer. I'm so ashamed.

But then I did buy lots of food the last couple of weeks, though a very large percentage of it was beans. Beans are supposed to be pretty healthy (as long as you're careful around open flames, of course.) And I've still got some of the watermelon I bought last week, and the better part of a head of cabbage (do not eat cabbage at the same meal with beans,) and some romaine lettuce (no tomatoes or cucumber as they've been too expensive,) and, as always, a plentiful supply of pasta. I'm not sure what I'm going to have the chard with, though. My mom used to serve it with steak, but there's no way I'm buying a steak. My credit score isn't good enough for me to qualify for a meat loan, for one thing. For another, if I had steak I'd feel guilty if I didn't share a bit of it with the cats, so my portion would be even more expensive than it would be for a catless person.

Tonight I think I'll just open one of those cans of beans. As the afternoon was used up with shopping I didn't have time for a nap, and I'm too tired to do any actual cooking. Besides, the shows on television on Friday deserve the Bronx cheers the beans will help me provide. Once again, all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds. And I don't have to go shopping again for another week!

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