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Red Eyes at Night, Sailor's Delight [May. 26th, 2015|11:20 pm]
After showering this afternoon I looked in the mirror and saw that my eyes are a bit bloodshot. I have no idea why. I haven't been drinking heavily, I haven't been in any fights, I don't wear contact lenses, and I didn't get any soap or shampoo in them while showering. Maybe it's a new allergy I've developed (I have been a bit sneezier than usual today,) or perhaps I've picked up a virus. Or maybe I'm going to have a stroke. I do have a bit of headache as well. The bloodshot eyes are distressing, whatever the cause, and I wish the redness would go away.

Now that the weather has gotten warm the neighbors next door are leaving their dog outside more and the dog is barking frequently. He barks when he sees any of the feral cats. The cats know he's on the other side of a fence and so they ignore him, except for giving him an occasional contemptuous glare. It's the same glare they sometimes give me when I shoo them off of a chair or the chaise lounge because I want to use it. Cats can be so supercilious. It almost makes me sympathize with that poor dog. But then I probably give the dog the same look. He's a fairly stupid dog.

The supermarket ads come out tomorrow, and I'm still hoping for a sale on kitty litter. I missed the last one and now I'm running low. If I don't get it on sale this week I'll probably have to pay full price for it, and I don't like to pay full price for anything, but especially not for something I'm just going to throw out so soon.

It's going to be getting into the eighties every day this week, and late next week some nineties are predicted. It's about time I made some iced tea. Maybe I should do it right now, in fact, so it will be ready tomorrow. I could try to remember to do it tomorrow morning, but when my memory has gotten so bad that, more often than not, I forget why I've gone from one room to another, that might not work out.