rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The good news is that I got eight hours of sleep. The bad news is that it was from four o'clock in the morning to nine o'clock in the morning and from six o'clock in the evening to nine o'clock in the evening. About half past nine in the evening I remembered that I hadn't fed the outdoor cats. One of the backyard cats was waiting on the porch, and I figured that the other would be nearby, so I filled both bowls.

As I was going back indoors I heard a loud crunching, and turned around to see a raccoon eating the second cat's food. The first cat hopped onto a chair and watched. I didn't want to spend time repeatedly running the raccoon off while the cats ate, so I just let the raccoon eat. The cats had to wait another hour to get fed again. Raccoons will lurk for a long time, knowing that more food could be coming. That's why I like to feed the outdoor cats before the sun goes down.

As usual the long evening nap has left me muddled and feeling displaced. It might be a nice night out, but I can't be sure because it doesn't feel quite real to me. A long, late nap always makes me feel like I'm still might be having a dream for several hours after. I really miss getting a days sleep all in one clump. Maybe cats are weird because they cat nap. I wonder if I've gotten as weird as a cat?

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