rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Today I ended up watching movies most of the day, but I also slept through parts of all of them. Fortunately I saw all of the endings, so I won't be left wondering how any of them came out— just what happened along the way. Even better, my fingers got a good rest since movies are a couple of hours long and don't require a lot of button pushing or any mouse clicking at all. I can use my thumb to raise and lower the volume and occasionally hit the mute button, but aside from that I can pretty much leave the remote alone.

To tell the truth I've been getting pretty sick of the keyboard. I feel occasional pains in my wrist and think I might be getting carpal tunnel syndrome. I might soon need one of those applications that translate voice into text, but they are still flawed. I can usually tell when somebody has used one to post something on the Internets because they will sometimes have words that just don't make sense in the context, or they will spell out the wrong homonym. Besides which I don't think this computer would take kindly to having yet another RAM-hogging application loaded onto it.

Delightfully, the mild, sub-balmy weather is continuing, and the nights still bring a bracing chill. I'm seeing quite a few flying insects about, but none of them are mosquitoes. If the weather remains cool for a couple of weeks after the last rain, whenever the last rain comes, then the mosquitoes won't have much standing water to hatch out in and I might get a bite-less summer. That would be a pleasant consequence of, though not a full compensation for, the drought.

I'm getting some wrist ache at the moment so I'm going to go back to the television and its undemanding remote. There might be more movies on that are worth watching.

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