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I bought a couple of telera rolls at the store Friday and mad a sandwich with one Saturday, saving the other for tonight. Alas, I forgot to put the bag back in the breadbox and Portia found it, and now the bag has been torn open, the roll partly dismantled, and the whole mess scattered about the living room. I don't know why she is obsessed with those rolls. Perhaps they have enough yeast in them to make them appealing to cats, many cats being fond of yeast. I suspect that Portia would get into any glass of beer I left unguarded were it not for the hops, which is probably what acts as a deterrent. If somebody made rolls with hops in them I'd try them, so I wouldn't have to remember to hide them from the cat.

Aside from the sudden need to change my dinner plans, it has been an uneventful day. It was neither warm nor cold, neither completely clear nor completely sunny, neither especially quiet nor especially noisy. The closest thing to excitement was when one of the feral cats went after a hummingbird and came within inches of catching it. I've actually never seen a cat catch a hummingbird, so if the cat had succeeded the day would have been memorable. As it is I'll probably have forgotten it entirely before the end of the week. I'll probably even forget to put the rolls back in the breadbox next time I have them.

Oh, and I finally got around to giving my journal a title. Titles have been an option for ages, and I've had a title for my friends page for years, but I kept forgetting to title the journal itself. I guess that counts as an accomplishment of sorts. If I had a résumé I'd add that to it. But even with that addition, if I had a résumé it would probably still be as dull as today was.

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