rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

May Half Gone

A while ago I heard a flock of geese. The honking grew louder and I scanned the evening sky and finally saw the flock appear. They flew north almost directly over my house. The sudden appearance of geese was surprising, as most of them had flown north in February and March. I wondered what had held these laggards in California so long.

A short time later I heard another aerial commotion approaching, and though I scanned the darkening sky I didn't see the geese who were making it. The honking grew very loud, and then vanished southward. It seems likely that it was the same flock, reversing course. Now I wonder both why they remained in the state so long and why they suddenly turned about. It might be that there is a flock of insane geese on the loose. I wonder if I should call the DHS?

Aside from that, nothing in particular happened today. Portia woke me up too early, and then I went back to sleep and didn't get up until about two o'clock int he afternoon. That means I probably won't sleep well tonight. It's a good thing I got the shopping done yesterday, as tomorrow I'm apt to be exhausted.

Right now I'm going to eat pie. If crazy geese are going to destroy California and kill me I don't want to leave any pie behind.

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