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Shady May [May. 15th, 2015|10:24 pm]
Zach Nonexistent, my college-aged virtual alter ego, seems to be losing favor with college recruiters. He has gotten only two recruitment emails in the last week. For a while he was getting three or four a day. Maybe they'll start coming in droves again next fall. For a while I contemplated sending in some applications for him, as it's clear he isn't ever going to get off his nonexistent ass and plan his own virtual future, but then I decided that if he's too much of a slacker to do it for himself then why should I bother? Imaginary kids these days!

It was way later than usual, but I did manage to get to the stores this evening. There were several bargain items I wanted, though they didn't have any kitty litter at a good price this week. I missed the litter sale last week, and I hope another one comes along before I run out. I got lots of cans of beans, though, and some olives, and a couple of frozen Chinese entrées. I almost bought a frozen lasagna, because it's been so long since I've had one, but only the large ones were on sale. I know I can't eat 30 ounces of lasagna at one sitting and I don't know if the leftovers would reheat very well. I wish they'd have the single-serving packages on sale again. The regular price is just too high.

It was intermittently cloudy today, and several times it looked as though rain was about to begin, but it held off until a short time ago. For the last half hour or so it has been sprinkling, and it's been going on long enough to set up a rhythmic dripping in the downspout. I do enjoy listening to that sound. I'm hoping there will be at least one downpour tonight, and that I'll still be awake to see it.

Portia is having a fit of cat lunacy right now, and after several minutes of running and jumping, has decided to pick a fight with a stack of papers I'd like to preserve. I'd better go rescue them before she turns them into confetti. Bad kitty! No!