rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The most recent rain must have been too little to rejuvenate the frog population. There might be frogs somewhere in town, but none are croaking within earshot of my house. The night brings the sound of a few crickets chirping and the occasional rustling of leaves, but not so much as a single croak from a single frog. This has been the shortest amphibian season I can remember in all the years I've lived here.

But the jasmine is doing nicely. The part of the hedge that bloomed late is now in full flower, and I'm almost tempted to have the windows open even though it's a bit too chilly out. There are supposed to be some warmer night coming up, and I can hardly wait. I hope they get here while the perfume is still strong.

Well, I just nodded off for about five minutes and midnight passed. That's what I get for having that extra bottle of beer after dinner. I'd better go to the living room and fall asleep in front of the television the way I usually do.

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