rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Early to Bed

Yesterday evening's rain lasted less than an hour and never became very intense, but it was sufficient to refresh the lawns nicely. I only hope it didn't refresh the foxtails too much. I've pulled hundreds of them this spring and certainly don't need another new crop. The rain smelled nice, too, and I left the windows open for more than an hour even though it got quite chilly out. That meant the furnace had to go on later, but it was worth it for the hour or two of fresh rain scent.

Tonight the predominant scent is jasmine again, but the air is still too cool for me to have the windows open all night. I'm not looking forward to the hot days the later part of this month is apt to bring, but I am anticipating with delight the milder nights that will come with them. Then the house will smell of jasmine night after night.

I couldn't arrange to go shopping on Friday this week so I'll have to go tomorrow. It should be a fairly quick trip as practically nothing I'd want is on sale. There'd better be some bargains next week as I'll be running short of several things, and I hate paying full price for groceries.

This afternoon I went all but completely napless, and I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm already nodding off at the computer now. Time to microwave a frozen burrito for dinner and hope I don't fall asleep before I finish it.

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