rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Evening Becomes Electric

It's been fairly cool today and there have been a few clouds about, but I wasn't expecting the loud peal of thunder that just rolled by. The sky is darkening more rapidly than it should this long before sunset, too, so maybe we'll be getting some showers along with the thunder. It wasn't supposed to rain this far south today, though some thunderstorms were expected farther north. The storm must have gone feral. I'm glad I wasn't planning anything for dinner that would require electricity. If the power goes out I've still got my gas range. I won't have the computer,though, because I'm going to shut it down now. Power surges are pretty much inevitable here during thunderstorms, even when we don't get an actual outage. Don't want any costly circuits to get fried.

Damn, and there was stuff I wanted to do on the Internets. But at least the thunder is a fitting commemoration of V-E Day.

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