rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

May Day

The warmer it gets the more I sleep. Maybe I'll turn into a summer hibernator. Today I kept forgetting to close the windows during the hot part of the day, so now the house is too warm and I can barely stay awake despite having napped much of the afternoon. It's nice outside now, but I can't spend the whole night out there. For one thing I have to cook dinner, and it has to be a specific dinner made of things that will go bad if I don't use them right away, or at least will grow less appetizing as they age.

At the moment I have a cat meowing in my face and attempting to use the computer. She keeps treading on the keyboard, perhaps eager to visit I never visit that site anymore because, like so much of the Internets, it is now clogged up with cruddy videos, including video ads, that gobble bandwidth and give my browser the fantods. The bigger the Internets gets, the less of it I visit.

Anyway, if the cat is going to keep pestering me I guess I have to go somewhere else. She'll probably enjoy sitting on my lap in front of the television for a while, and once relaxed she'll probably hop onto the back of the couch and go to sleep. Then I can cook dinner without her under my feet, though odds are that I'll nod off about the same time the cat does. Then I'll have to fix dinner for breakfast tomorrow.

Another May Day gone, and again I didn't get polled.

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